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The only guaranteed way to securely dispose of retired hard drives and tapes is to shred them into tiny pieces.

Every business is responsible for information that must be kept private. We all know this, yet many companies neglect to properly destroy hard drives and backup media when they are retired. Degaussing hard drives and backup media is no longer an acceptable method of securely erasing data. Identity thieves can collect confidential information by mining it from discarded hard drives. Even hard drives that are reformatted can often be restored using special software.

Companies that dispose of sensitive, confidential data without using a secure method, expose themselves to unnecessary risk and costly government fines. DataSafe is NAID certified for Media Destruction. We will securely transport your retired media to our facilities to be shredded into shavings and recycled. Destruction by shredding is the only guaranteed method to erase retired media and hard drives securely. After successfully destroying your media, you will receive a NAID certificate of destruction. If desired, we can scan the barcode serial numbers on each hard drive or tape, and provide a list to you for your records.

Why Use DataSafe for Media & Hard Drive Shredding?

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