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How well organized your records are is almost as important as their safety.

From boxing, reboxing, indexing, labeling, relocating your file room, or even creating or updating a database to improve file tracking, DataSafe offers specially-trained and certified indexers to help you on-site or independently at one of our Records Centers.

Think of the time it takes for your staff to organize, update and track your records. What is the distraction from your company's core tasks worth to you? And unlike temporary or untrained employees, all of our work is guaranteed.

The Value of Organization

Having properly organized files help you determine how long records should be kept. DataSafe can help you classify your documents and determine how long to keep them according to corporate policies, legal or tax requirements or ISO standards. To help you cut through the retention jungle, DataSafe offers a free retention guide with guidelines on ideal timeframes for retaining and destroying various record types for different industries.

Segue Into Software

Our professional indexers can update your existing database, on any platform, or help get you started with our custom Records Management Software. With your records properly organized, our software will allow you to track and monitor all your company's files, no matter where they reside.