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Pair Document Imaging with Cloud Hosting and you have immediate access, anywhere in the world from any computer.

Imaging your documents -- everything from emails and engineering drawings, to invoices and lab notebooks -- provides a significant, but often hidden opportunity to cut costs, improve decision making and safeguard and streamline your entire organization.

DataSafe will prepare, scan, index and host your business records, providing you with unprecedented convenience and immediate availability.

Why DataSafe?

Quality and service are the foundations of our business and that applies to imaging as well as managing your business records. We can provide:

  • Quality Control, unique in the industry. We guarantee 100% accuracy.
  • Interim access. We guarantee access to your documents, in original or scanned form, during the project.
  • Link to the original. If you store your scanned documents with DataSafe, we will link the box number to the original document, ensuring quick and accurate access should you need the original paper document back.
  • Backups in storage. We can burn the images onto a DVD and keep a copy in our Media Vault as backup.
  • Instant, worldwide access. Through our Image Hosting Service, we will upload images to the cloud, assuring that you have access to your documents anytime, anywhere.

Why Use DataSafe for Document Imaging?

70 Years Experience


DataSafe is the oldest family owned and operated commercial records center in California. We have built our reputation on strong customer service and customized records management solutions.

Client Services

Local Client Services

We take immense pride in our legendary client services department, which is local and available to assist in any situation.