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Even if the cloud is the core of your Data Protection strategy, tape or hard drive back ups provide redundancy, bare metal Disaster Recovery and cost efficient solutions for archiving non-mission critical data. We provide the entire solution, from cloud storage to state-of-the-art facilities for the media that keeps its feet on the ground.

Why Go Off-Site?

  • Compliance — Many auditors require that media be stored offsite.
  • Environmental Controls — Media vaults designed to provide clean, climate-controlled environments.
  • Facility Security — Store media in a high security, fire resistive environment.
  • Controlled Access — Set up levels of access for you and your staff.
  • Emergency Access — If your system crashes in the middle of the night or the middle of the SuperBowl, a phone call will get your backup media delivered to you quickly and securely.
  • Inventory tracking and audit control — Sophisticated technology tracks inventory.
  • Redundancy — When it comes to your vital records, you can never be too safe.

Why DataSafe?

  • Four-hour fire rated media vault — Two hours longer than standard media vaults.
  • Experience — Founded in 1946, DataSafe is the oldest privately-held commercial records center.
  • Location — Our Customer Service department is local and available to answer your calls and help resolve your problems.
  • Consistency — The average seniority of our Delivery Representatives is 12 years and 65% of our employees exceed 5 years. Our staff is well trained, knowledgeable and committed and we are on our third generation of the original owner.
  • Complete data protection solution — We recognize the changing technologies and work with you to find a solution that fits your needs - whether it be cloud, media storage or a hybrid solution

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