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Any protection scenario is only as secure as its weakest link. If your data is not backed up regularly and reliably, how secure does that really leave you? DataSafe has been at the forefront of providing secure, reliable, customer-focused records and media protection in the Bay Area for over 60 years. Our Hosted Tape Backup Service makes your managed or unmanaged server backup and protection truly complete.

hosted tape backup

We Do the Legwork - You Stay at Your Office

You'll never have to drive to your co-location site to perform tape backups. As a matter of fact, you'll never even have to think about it again.

Off-site Storage Ensures Risk-Free Protection of Your Critical Data

Your tapes are stored in our state-of-the-art temperature and humidity-controlled Media Vaults. DataSafe's facilities are secured and alarmed. They were carefully engineered to exceed all fire and seismic regulations.

Less Expensive Than Doing it Yourself

DataSafe's Hosted Tape Backup Service is actually less expensive than having an employee go to your server location and exchange your tapes.

Reliable and Secure Back Up

On a planned schedule, only a trained and insured DataSafe employee will enter your server cage to exchange your backup tapes. Once back at our Vault, we bar-code your tapes and assign return dates.

Expert Handling of Your Media

Our on-site service employees are specially trained to handle sensitive media, so there's little risk in the processing and transportation of your data. There is no safer way to manage your critical business data.

Increased Accessibility of Your Tapes

As secure as your backup tapes will be, they remain completely accessible to you when and if you need them. Just call DataSafe and arrange a delivery. And be sure to ask about our Emergency Response Service and Disaster Recovery Plans.

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