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DataSafe's Headquarters in South San Francisco was built on solid bedrock in 1966. Our 3800 square foot, custom-built, climate controlled storage vault was completed in 2007. Built with Durasteel, a composite panel fire protection board, comprised of a fiber reinforced cement core mechanically bonded to punched steel sheets on both outer surfaces. It is both highly impact and moisture resistant, and is classed as 'noncombustible' to BS 476: Part 4: 1970 and to Clause 10 of EN 13501-1: 2002.

In addition to being fire-safe for 4 hours, the vault is fully climate controlled for both temperature and humidity and is purpose built for storing precious items, particularly those sensitive to heat and humidity.

The storage vault is highly secure. A proximity-card locking system prevents unauthorized entry into the facility and a separate bio-metric security lock permits only authorized employees access to the vault interior.

Our climate controlled storage offers highly secure storage for items including:

  • audio masters tape
  • voice and surveillance tape storage
  • film (except nitrate)
  • electronic media
  • fine art
  • collectibles
  • memorabilia
  • rare books and manuscripts
  • original blueprints
  • photographs

(Please no perishable items or negotiable financial instruments.)

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