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hard driveEvery business is entrusted with information that must be kept private and all businesses have occasion to discard confidential media. Any organization that discards private and proprietary data without the benefit of proper destruction exposes itself to risk and to the costly loss of business. At DataSafe, we are here to help you take your confidential media destruction to the next level.

Many identity thieves collect confidential information by mining information from discarded hard drives. Erasing your hard disk is not enough; erased, even reformatted, disks can often be restored using special programs.

Data destruction by media shredding is the only surefire permanent solution. Media is shredded into 3/4" shavings, mixed with other shredded media and sent for recycling.

Tape Degaussing

Degaussing your tapes before destruction removes all data, formatting and control track information from tapes, diskettes, increasing the security of destruction. Degaussing of the media consists of passing the media through a strong alternating magnetic field. The alternating magnetic field removes all magnetic patterns from the tape, thus eliminating all data and formatting.

Reusing your tapes is not only cost efficient, it is also green. Tapes can either be degaussed or overwritten, depending on the type of tape, leaving it in optimum condition for reuse or resale.


  • Safely dispose of private and proprietary data
  • Degaussing tapes before destruction removes all data and formatting
  • Media shredded to 3/4" shavings
  • E-Waste recycling of corporate equipment and assets

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