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When the company I was working for merged with another firm, they were already using DataSafe. Before I even had a chance to reach out to them, my account manager reached out to me to schedule an in-person introduction. She showed up with everything that was needed including a reports inventory, stats from the previous year, even a copy of the contract I had been meaning to look for! That initial preparedness and diligence was just the beginning of my faith in DataSafe that all of our services would always be above and beyond and it has been smooth sailing since. We’ve had to move office locations and deal with a renovation, and during that time, our drivers and client service reps were super helpful and would go out of their way to anticipate needed information, and make every effort for special requests we would call in. If we have a scheduled pick-up, our driver will point out if any cartons are missing a label, or let us know that they noticed our shred console wasn’t locked, and that they took care of it. All the staff seems to be truly concerned about what clients need, and the detailed check-ins are greatly appreciated. Working with a local vendor means that they reach out to me and follow up if they are in the area. That touchpoint makes a real difference and saves me time. Margie, Records Management
Legal Services
We were previously with another national records company and we were unhappy with our sales rep taking advantage and our rates were outrageous. He was also non-responsive since our rates were high and he felt he had us locked in. We asked our auditor who they used for this type of service and we were given DataSafe’s info. We immediately visited their facility and met with their executives who gave us a tour. Our team liked the small company feeling versus a huge company that doesn’t seem to care about you. On top of that, their rates were 50-70% cheaper depending on the type of charge. We use DataSafe for document storage and also for a secure destruction service. Everyone is very responsive which is a plus. Anthony
Export Business
I have never worked with such a professional group of people, from start to finish. Each step was handled by the appropriate person, but not so that it was confusing. Each person has their exact slice of the pie there it seems and execution is done in a very complete, no-nonsense and timely way without being any irritation at all. Please feel free to pass this along as I really truly have to commend your entire organization for its extreme professionalism, and thoroughness. Lisa, Director of IT
Biotech Company
My law firm and I have been DataSafe clients for over 20 years. Several years ago, my law firm accepted a "low-ball" offer from one of the large, national off-site companies. This company promised the same great service at reduced rate. Service deteriorated, we had no account representative to talk to, we had to call out of state to request a file and our attorneys weren't getting the files they needed.We realized a mistake had been made in leaving DataSafe. The decision was made to once again become a DataSafe client. I would be more than happy to talk to anyone considering using DataSafe and would be glad to compare our existed service to that which we received prior to returning to DataSafe. Colleen, Office Manager
Legal Services
When we began running out of file space, we asked DataSafe to help with a solution. DataSafe presented a viable solution at a reasonable price. Our client files were scanned, indexed and presented back to us on a CD. DataSafe provided outstanding quality controls and were error free in digitizing and processing our data. This longstanding family business really understands the meaning of customer service. I give DataSafe my whole-hearted support, and feel comfortable referring anyone to DataSafe. Daryl, Co-Owner
Small Business