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Records are one of the most vital and strategic resources for any Small Business or Consumer. Managing information is both a priority and a legal obligation that demands attention. Properly organizing and maintaining records is essential. The ability to identify, organize, maintain, and access needed information (7 days a week) and properly dispose of the rest pays off in cost savings and efficiency. There is no smarter way to protect your records than by storing them with DataSafe. Since 1946, DataSafe has provided unparalleled service in Northern California. Our state-of-the art facilities will afford the most secure, well-managed and competitively priced repositories for your documents.

Small Business/Consumer Storage Packages:
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Pick up and delivery. For your convenience, we offer the following solutions:

DataSafe Transport Service- For a nominal transportation and handling fee, we will come directly to your business or home to pick up your boxes.

UPS (United Parcel Service) - For those looking for a low cost means of transporting your boxes to our facilities, UPS may be your answer. Boxes can be insured and tracked from your site to ours for one low fee. We can even return your media boxes or files in this manner for a nominal transportation and handling fee.

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