Hard Copy Records are organizations' most important assets. This information is one of the most vital, strategic resources any organization possesses. Managing information is both a business priority and a legal obligation that demands the attention of all levels of an organization.

Properly organizing and maintaining records and information is key to organizations of all sizes and types. The ability to identify, organize, maintain, and access needed information and properly dispose of the rest pays off in cost savings, efficiency, regulatory compliance, and reduced litigation risk.

There is no smarter way to protect your records than by storing them with DataSafe. With over 65 years of dedicated service in Northern California, our state-of-the-art facilities will afford the most secure and well managed repositories for your mission critical documents.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Since 1946, DataSafe has been protecting and managing records and information. From our custom designed shelving and bar-code tracking procedures to our intrusion protection system, our Records Centers ensure the ultimate protection and security. Carefully engineered, they exceed federal standards for fire, earthquake, theft and vandalism. Absolute confidentiality is always upheld throughout the life of your records.

24/7 Online Account Management

Web Access allows secure, 24 hour access to your records right from your desktop. With it you can place orders, request pick-ups, view inventory, print reports and enter descriptions and review dates of your records.

Prompt Pickup and Delivery

DataSafe transports records to and from your office securely and reliably in our GPS tracked vehicles. Our drivers are securely screened and specifically trained to properly handle your records. We offer same-day delivery on requests before 11am, and rush service any time. Emergency After Hours service is always available.

Full Service Records Management

We provide everything necessary to manage your records efficiently. From our guaranteed boxes and convenient review areas to a variety of inventory management software options, DataSafe provides you with comprehensive tools to address any storage need you may have.

Our Zero Risk Guarantee

If at the end of six months you are not satisfied with our service for any reason, we'll return your records with a check for six month's storage. No strings attached. At DataSafe, your peace of mind means everything to us.

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