Data, Media & Tape Storage

Some data is so critical, the livelihood of an organization completely depends on its preservation. In these cases, can you really justify taking chances with their integrity? DataSafe has the latest state-of-the-art, custom built, climate controlled vault systems in the nation, staffed with full time Vault Librarians. Our high security vaults, strategically located to provide rapid disaster recovery services, offer multiple levels of security including 24/7, protection and surveillance.

Controlled, Safe and Secure Environment

DataSafe's Media Vaults are carefully engineered structures that exceed all federal government standards. We custom design and build our facilities so no chances will ever be taken with your most valuable assets. With eight-inch thick steel reinforced concrete walls, ultrasonic motion detectors, four hour fire rating, ionized smoke detectors, temperature and humidity controls and a single steel vault door entrance, you can be certain your media will be fully protected from any element and available when you need it.

Software Management

Our powerful stand-alone application allows you to prepare your media for offsite storage, input descriptions and return dates, manage container rotation and generate reports, among other things. It even allows you to synchronize with our internal database for updated location information.

Fast and Safe Access

Even though your media is secure and protected, it is readily available. We offer convenient pickup and delivery service, including 24/7 holiday and emergency service.

Disaster Response Service

By sharing vital elements of your Disaster Recovery plan with us, you'll be in a better position if a declaration is made. There is no wasted time determining authorization levels or identifying alternate operating locations. On a quarterly basis, we will contact you and ensure the information we have on file is the most current.

Ideal for all types of Media including Music and Film Digital and Master Files

Our vault's temperature and humidity are controlled with such exacting specifications, we guarantee protection of your most sensitive media against fading, mildew, brittleness, drop out and accidental erasure.

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Combining Disk-to-Disk and Disk-to-Tape Solutions

For daily short-term backups, users can implement DataSafe's Axcient-powered disk-to-disk Online Backup solution to allow for fast recall of current data. The data should also be copied to tape for offsite data protection and to lower storage costs using DataSafe's traditional disk-to-tape storage and rotation services. As the data on your Axcient device becomes infrequently accessed, it can be removed to free up disk space for new data. The old data will remain safe and secure on the tapes that are stored in DataSafe's state-of-the-art media storage facilities.

The roles of cloud, disk, and tape storage have evolved in the data center and are complementary in fulfilling your organization's strategy for data management. DataSafe has recognized this new dynamic and is eager to help your organization achieve maximum coverage with minimum cost. Please contact us today to learn more about our hybrid data protection solutions.

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