I want to compliment DataSafe and all the people there I have worked with. I've been in IT for 23 years now and dealt with TONS of vendors.

I have never worked with such a professional group of people, from start to finish. Each step was handled by the appropriate person, but not so that it was confusing. Each person has their exact slice of the pie there it seems and execution is done in a very complete, no-nonsense and timely way without being any irritation at all. Please feel free to pass this along as I really truly have to commend your entire organization for its extreme professionalism, and thoroughness.

Lisa Hazen, Director of IT
Labcyte, Inc.

Last March my records manager clerk left the company rather abruptly and I did not have anyone trained to take her place. When I contacted DataSafe I learned that the protocol for retrieving and archiving files was very simple and fast. Everyone I have encountered at DataSafe is professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Our driver is always prompt and friendly and has been an absolute godsend when I have had a question or needed something; he always knows the answer or lets me know whom to ask.

It is really nice to know that true customer service does exist with DataSafe

Eileen K. Myers, Office Manager
BRE Properties

My law firm and I have been DataSafe clients for the past 22 years. At one point we tried a different records management firm who "low-balled" the costs promising the same great service as DataSafe.

It didn't take long to realize that we had made a mistake and were getting what we paid for! We went back to DataSafe and are receiving the same consistent professional service that we expected. DataSafe is a family-run company that knows the meaning of true customer service.

Colleen M. Runyan, Office Manager
Mullen & Filippi, LLP

While our offices were under construction, deliveries were made to a different location, which slowed down the process of retrieving our files. Your DataSafe driver realized our situation and provided us with a solution so we could retrieve our files at a more accessible location. This allowed us to be more efficient and we able to fulfill our client's obligations in a timely manner.

Sometimes we would call 4 to 6 times a day, requesting one file per call. Each time we have been professionally accommodated. We have never been made to feel that we are to demanding in our requests. In fact when we have apologized for our numerous requests and your customer service has responded by telling us "that's our job" and welcoming any request we have.

We feel your staff deservers much needed applause for providing such quality customer service.

Betty Pass, Records Manager
Baker & Mckenzie